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Vast range of tone colors

Powerful projection

Immediate response

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Game-changing and durable sound

Gets in tune and stays in tune

Short break-in-time

Easy to play

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vibrant and warm sound

easy response

easy tuning


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7 Highlights

rich spectrum of sound colours

perfect blend of power and elegance

high dynamic range

instant bow response

superior tuning stability

three E string and two D string choices

first ever Platinum plated E string

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A perfect blend into the world of Dominant sound

Excellent balance of brilliance and warmth

Easy playability with high reliability

Superior corrosion resistance

Removable ball end for loop end and ball end fine tuners

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Tuning stability

Direct response

Perfectly suitable for pizzicato

Open, powerful sound

Welcome to Thomastik-Infeld Vienna - handmade strings since 1919




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