Violin | Genre: Classical

"Looking for the right strings for your instrument is as vital as having the right swimsuit for a swimmer or the perfect pots and pans for a great cook. Thomastik-Infeld has such a vast array of top quality strings that anybody from a small child to a great top notch soloist can find the perfect fit to make their instrument sound extraordinary.

Igudesman with violin

Aleksey Igudesman plays Peter Infeld violin strings by Thomastik-Infeld Vienna

Violin | Genre: Classical

“Gilman is a name to watch” titled the Classic FM magazine in 2007. Today, Alexander Gilman is one of his generation’s most promising violinists. After giving his first solo concert at age seven in Munich, Germany Philharmonic Concert Hall, Alexander Gilman has now performed in the most renowned concert halls all over the world.

Gilman with violin

Alexander Gilman plays TI violin strings by Thomastik-Infeld Vienna

Violin I Genre: Classical

Winner of the 2012 Juno Award, Alexandre Da Costa was born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. He showed an uncommon interest for both the violin and piano at a very early age. By the age of nine, he had the astonishing ability to perform his first concerts with stunning virtuosity on both instruments, which brought him recognition as a musical prodigy. His chosen professional career as a violinist began very early and, after encouragement from Charles Dutoit, he was soon performing regularly as soloist with orchestra as well as in recital.

"The Peter Infeld strings by Thomastik-Infeld are the best strings I have ever played. Deep, strong and powerful, they are the absolute best choise for me and allow my current Stradivari violin to project its sound wonderfully." -


As an all-around cellist, Ana Topalovic is an active member of the musical scene, performing as a soloist, chamber and crossover musician.

Quartet | Genre: Classical

Winner of first prize and several other awards at the International Music Competition of the ARD in 2008, the Apollon Musagète Quartet soon became a frequent feature of the European musical scene, captivating public and press alike with their thrilling performances. The quartet made their debut in 2010 at Berlin’s Philharmonie.

AMQ Quartett

The Apollon Musagete Quartet plays Peter Infeld violin, Vision viola und Belcanto cello strings by Thomastik-Infeld Vienna

Quartet | Genre: Classical

The aron quartett was founded in 1998 by Ludwig Müller, Barna Kobori, Georg Hamann and Christophe Pantillon, four Viennese musicians.

Aron Quartett

Das Aron Quartett spielt Peter Infeld Violine und Vision Solo Violine und Viola Saiten by Thomastik-Infeld Vienna

Konstantin Zelenin was born 1983 in Minsk, Belarus and started his musical education at the age of 5 at the “Lyceum” of the Belarussian Conservatory. In 2005 he began his studies at the “Moscow State Conservatory”, where he graduated “with Honour“ in 2007 as a student of Prof. N. Shakhovskaya. Additionally, he later finished his studies at the “Belarussian Academy of Music” under the supervision of Prof. V. Perlin and started teaching at the Academy as well as at the national music school as an assistant of Prof. V. Perlin.

Konstantin Zelenin plays Versum cello strings by Thomastik-Infeld Vienna

Viola | Genre: Classical

Born in Warsaw, Natalia Binkowska is a renowned solo and chamber violist.  In addition to an MA in Instrumental Pedagogy (Frederic Chopin Music University) she holds an MA in Concert Studies from the Vienna University of Music and Performing Arts, where she studied in the class of Prof. Wolfgang Klos (both with honours).  Natalia is a scholar of the Polish Ministry of Culture and Art as well as the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, Art and Culture.


Acknowledged by The New York Times for his “exquisitely sensitive playing” and “stunning agility”, Grammy-nominated mandolinist Avi Avital is one of the world’s most exciting and adventurous musicians. He is deeply committed to building a fresh legacy for the mandolin through virtuosic performance in a range of genres and commissioning new works for mandolin.

Avi Avital

Avi Avital plays mandolin strings by Thomastik-Infeld Vienna

Double Bass | Genre: Jazz

Born and raised in Israel, Avishai Cohen has often combined Middle Eastern and Israeli music with both electric and acoustic jazz. Cohen began studying the piano at age 11 and was 14 when he became interested in jazz. After playing piano in a high-school jazz band, Cohen switched to the electric bass and soon fell in love with the music of Jaco Pastorius.

Cohen with bass

Avishai Cohen plays Spirocore double bass strings by Thomastik-Infeld Vienna

Electric Bass, Double Bass | Genre: Jazz

“Stringing up my basses with Thomastik-Infeld strings always makes my instrument sound exactly the way I want it to. There is no other string out there that feels like it belongs on my instrument, which at the end of the day simply allows my bass to be a conduit for creativity”

Bret Higgins plays Jazz Flat Wound strings on his electric bass and Belcanto and Spirocore strings on his double bass.


Bassist | Genre: Jazz

Anyone acquainted with David Friesen's exceptional music quickly thinks of his creative universe. Ocean-deep in his sensitivity to the human spirit, Friesen is compassionate and his music founded on integrity and the pursuit of excellence.

He began playing the ukulele and the accordion at 10, and a guitar professionally at 16. Born in Tacoma, Washington May 6, 1942, he was raised in Seattle. Friesen's first exposure to jazz was Slim Gaillard in an L.A. club when he was underage and playing guitar.

David Friesen with bass

David Friesen plays Spirocore strings by Thomastik-Infeld Vienna.

Hemage Bass

David Friesen has recorded over 78 CD's as a leader/ co-leader and appeared as a sideman or featured artist on more than 100 recordings. He has performed and/ or recorded with many of the great names and legends of jazz.

David Friesen

"It’s been said of David Friesen that he does for the art of bass playing what Pythagoras did for the triangles" - Patrick Hinely / Jazz Times

Violin I Genre: Classical

David Frühwirth, born in Salzburg, has become increasingly popular in the classical musicscene with much appraise from the international press. The Strad said „David Frühwirth is one of the most refined young violinists appearing in recital today!” and the magazine Fono Forum is amazed by David's ability to reach such an astonishing range of tones and depths.

David Frühwirth exclusively plays Peter Infeld strings made by Thomastik-Infeld on his Stradivary .

Violin and Viola | Genre: Classical

Diego Naser, born in 1981 in Montevideo-Uruguay, is former member of the Uruguay Symphony Orchestra, Montevideo Philharmonic, "YOA", and "JMWO".

He studied Violin and Viola at the Graz Music University(Austria) with Prof. E. Haffner and Prof. H. Käfer (Artist Quarttet). In Vienna, he performed with several Orchestras like "Wiener Junge Philarmonie" , "Wiener Kammer-Philharmonie", "Sinfonieta Baden".

He toured China with "The Vienna Symphonic Players" as a Concertmaster.


Diego Naser plays Peter Infeld violin and Vision solo viola strings by Thomastik-Infeld Vienna

Double Bass

Bassist Dieter Ilg is regarded today as one of a handful of European musicians who make their unmistakable musical style a valuable contribution to the projects they work on.
Whether it is as a internationally well-respected sideman or as band leader of his own ensembles: Ilg always combines the quality of the bass as a musical foundation with a graceful ease and expression that is rarely heard on a technically difficult instrument such as the double bass.

Dieter Ilg plays Spirocore strings by Thomastik-Infeld Vienna

„Thomastik-Infeld Spirocore weich – The String of My Life“

Guitarist | Genre: Jazz

dirk k, originally from Germany, studied at the Musikhochschule Koeln. He refined his studies at GIT/ Musicians Institute in Hollywood, California and at Berklee School of Music in Boston, MA.

He is an accomplished guitarist, whose carrier begun in the early 1990s. Releasing 14 CD's as a Recording Artist on Sony, Bellaphon, Fuzzy Music and on his own independent label DIP Records.

Dirk K

Dirk K plays strings exclusively by Thomastik-Infeld Vienna

Double Bass | Genre: Rockabilly, World Music

Often praised as the best slap bass player in the world, Djordje Stijepovic is one of those rare musicians that cannot be confined in any particular genre. While he is one of the most sought-after bassists for rockabilly and various forms of World Music, his expertise spans numerous styles.


Djordje Stijepovic plays Belcanto and Spirocore double bass strings by Thomastik-Infeld Vienna

Guitarist | Genre: Jazz

Born 22.04.1966

Studied: classical guitar at the University of Music Graz/Austria
Jazzguitar at the University of Music Vienna

Workshops with: Butch Morris, Hary Pepl, Mike Stern, Joe Diorio, Alegre Correa

Edi Köhldorfer plays Powerbrights PB110 strings by Thomastik-Infeld Vienna.


“Édua Amarilla” Zádory, which means „glistening moonrise“ in Hungarian, was born in 1974, in the southern Hungarian town of Kecskemét. At the early age of seven, Édua’s
outstanding talent on the violin became evident. Taking part in a competition at the Franz Liszt-Musikhochschule, Édua wowed the judges with her exceptional talent and was offered
a scholarship at this outstanding Swiss institute of music.


«Elisaveta Sharakhovskaya is а very warm-hearted cellist. She appears to be one single entity with her cello which "speaks and sings" with а profound, warm voice as well as а sensitive and delicate sound. Her playing is characterized by sincerity and soulfulness.»
The National Art Museum of the Republic of Belarus. April, 2014

Elisaveta Sharakhovskaya is a cellist, chamber-music player and teacher. She has been repeatedly nominated for the «Presidential Fellowship of the Republic of Belarus to support talented Youth».

Elisaveta Sharakhovskaya works closely with Thomastik-Infeld and plays her own unique combination strings: Versum and Spirocore tungsten wound, heavy tension. 

"I love this string combination, because of their warm, powerful, colorful and rich sound palette".

As a Viennese musician, I’m thrilled to use strings which are handmade in Vienna – strings powerful enough to fill any concert hall, while remaining sensitive to the lightest stroke of the bow. Thomastik-Infeld strings allow me to take advantage of the many colors my Stradivarius has to offer. Their biggest virtue, however, is that they give me the freedom to shape the sound that I desire.

I am proud to be a member of the Thomastik-Infeld family!

Emmanuel Tjeknavorian

As a Viennese musician, I’m thrilled to use strings which are handmade in Vienna – strings powerful enough to fill any concert hall, while remaining sensitive to the lightest stroke of the bow.

Cello | Genre: Modern

"As a cellist I am constantly looking for a brighter and stronger sound.

I was introduced to the VERSUM strings at the NAMM show in Moscow and I put them on just ten minutes before my concert. They instantly sounded perfect and immediately captivated me with their clearness of tone and easy playability.

Georgy Gusev plays Versum cello strings by Thomastik-Infeld Vienna

Violin | Genre: Classical

Violinist Glenn Dicterow has established himself worldwide as one of the most prominent American concert artists of his generation.

His extraordinary musical gifts became apparent at the age of 11 when he made his solo debut in Tchaikovsky's Violin Concerto with the Los Angeles Philharmonic where his father, Harold Dicterow served as principal of the second violin section for 52 years.

In the following years Mr. Dicterow became one of the most sought after young artists appearing as soloist from coast to coast.

Glenn Dicterow with violin

Glenn Dicterow plays Vision Solo strings by Thomastik-Infeld Vienna.


Cologne based guitar player Hanno Busch is an exciting as well as inspiring musician. Hard to imagine anyone in the european music scene more suited to combine a very own recognizable style and an inimitable yet developing sound with flexibility and inquisitiveness, which lets him merge even seemingly contradicting points on a musical map.

Hanno Busch

Hanno Busch plays RP111 Powerbrights E-Guitar strings by Thomastik-Infeld Vienna

Cello | Genre: Classical

Irena Josifoska was born 1996. into a family of musicians. She started playing the cello at the age of 5 in the music school “Isidor Bajic”, in Novi Sad, in the class of her mother, Judit Niederholzer-Josifoska. At the moment, she attends Academy of Arts in Novi Sad, in the class of Marko Miletic.

Irena Josifoska plays Spirocore and Spirit cello strings by Thomastik-Infeld Vienna

Ensemble | Genre: Janoska Style

With their “Janoska style” the four members of the Janoska Ensemble have developed a breathtakingly virtuosic and profoundly personal vision of music, which they interpret in a thoroughly modern way. Among unifying factors are their family ties and an inexhaustible inventiveness that allows them to explore a wide range of works from popular classics to compositions that they have written themselves and, finally, idiosyncratic arrangements of jazz, pop and world music.

The Janoska Ensemble plays Vision Titanium solo, Vision solo, Vision and Peter Infeld violin strings and Belcanto and Spirocore double bass strings exclusively by Thomastik-Infeld Vienna

"With Thomastik-Infeld strings we are reaching the perfect frequency for a brilliant sound in all our music genres that we are combining in our Janoska Style."

Bass | Genre: Jazz

Juan García-Herreros, also known by his stage name "Snow Owl", is a Colombian born world-renowned electric bassist. With his special instrument, a six-string Contra Bass Guitar, he has performed with world famous stars of all genres - including several Grammy / Oscar award winners and nominees. For his own music, he has been honored with numerous prestigious awards. His work and virtuosity with the Contra Bass Guitar has been received with the highest recognition from international Bass and Music publications.

Juan bass

Juan Garcia Herreros plays Infeld e-bass strings by Thomastik-Infeld Vienna

Violin | Genre: Classical

Julian Rachlin is one of the most exciting and respected violinists of our time. He has been collaborating with many of the most prestigious conductors and orchestras worldwide. Always willing to expand his musical horizons, Julian is also praised as a viola player and as a conductor. Additionally, he is receiving recognition as a young philanthropist for his charity work as a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador and his educational outreach.

Julian Rachlin plays strings exclusively by Thomastik-Infeld Vienna


Supported and guided by Sir Yehudi Menuhin at a young age, Kirill Troussov is now widely recognised as one of the leading violinists of his generation. He works with renowned orchestras and is a regular guest at prestigious festivals. The international press describes his playing : “…impressive elegance, his irreproachable technique, his exceptional musical sensitivity and his sonorities of immaculate beauty…”


“…one of the most gifted violinists of his generation“
Süddeutsche Zeitung, Harald Eggebrecht

Orchestra | Genre: Classical

In 1997, Austria’s legendary Lockenhaus chamber music festival was a witness to a small revolution, when the violinist Gidon Kremer presented a brand new orchestra: Kremerata Baltica, comprising 23 young players from Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. They conquered the discerning audience immediately, injecting new blood into the festival with their exuberance, energy and joy in playing. 

Viola | Genre: Classical

Lech Antonio Uszynski has emerged as one of the most promising violists of his generation. He is an exceptionally dedicated and gifted performer whose passionate artistry has been heard and embraced around the world.

Lech Antonio Uszynski plays Vision solo viola strings by Thomastik-Infeld Vienna

Violin | Genre: Classical

Hailed for his artistry, virtuosity and charismatic presence on stage; received his education in Sofia, Vienna and Paris. He made his debut as soloist with Orchestra at the age of eight. Among his teachers are great pedagogues such as Michael Frischenschlager, Darina Dankova and Gerard Poulet. As a concert soloist of international acclaim, Mario Hossen has performed with renowned orchestras such as the English Chamber Orchestra, the Tchaikovsky Symphony Orchestra of Moscow Radio, the Bruckner Orchester Linz, the Chamber Orchestra della Scala di Milano, the Academy St.

Mario Hossen plays Vision Titanium Solo strings by Thomastik-Infeld Vienna

Cello | Genre: Classical

“ […] a tempting concept to present Rummel as the latest candidate for ‘most distinguished Viennese cellist of today’. And perhaps he is.” wrote David W Moore in the American Record Guide about Martin Rummel’s album of Merk’s “Fleurs d’Italie” (Naxos) in 2013. Born in 1974, the cellist can currently be heard on nearly 40 albums, the last of which to raise international attention being the Complete Cello Concertos by Andrea Zani on Capriccio – an unparalleled recording career in Rummel’s generation.

Martin Rummel

Martin Rummel plays a mixture of handmade Versum, Spirit!, Belcanto and Spirocore cello strings by Thomastik-Infeld Vienna.

"For a very long time, I have used Thomastik Tungsten Spirocore C and G strings on all my instruments. Since I became a Thomastik artist, I have been fortunate enough to have been involved in the development of new strings. Currently I am playing the new Versum A and a strong Tungsten Spirocore C, while we are experimenting on new D and G strings. Both the extensive knowledge and deep respect for a wide range of musicians that drives the development team of Thomastik-Infeld continuously impress and inspire me, and I always feel that all their strings enable me to use my instruments to their maximum range of expression."


Double Bass

Musical brilliance and lived inspiration: there is no other quite like him-a double bass player, a composer, an arranger and a complete rhythm section refined and rolled into one person: Nenad Vasilić has long been at the forefront of European jazz and is highly acclaimed throughout the continent. Born in Nis, Serbia, he grew up surrounded by a rich tradition of Balkan folklore. Traditional music, Roma music and a love of jazz were strong influences in his younger years, when he was playing mainly piano and bass guitar.


Nenad Vasilic plays Belcanto and Spirocore strings by Thomastik-Infeld Vienna

Violin | Genre: Classical

Established at the highest level in China, Ning Feng performs regularly in his native country with both major international and local orchestras, in recital and with the Dragon Quartet which he founded in 2012. Now based in Berlin and playing with major orchestras across the globe, Ning Feng has developed a reputation internationally as an artist of great lyricism and emotional transparency, displaying tremendous bravura and awe-inspiring technical accomplishment.

Ning Feng plays Peter Infeld violin strings by Thomastik-Infeld Vienna

Double Bass

Place of Birth: Budapest
Membership in the Vienna State Opera Orchestra: 2004
Membership in the Association of the Vienna Philharmonic: 2008

Ödön Racz plays Belcanto double bass strings by Thomastik-Infeld Vienna

Viola | Genre: Classical

Born in Canada to Belgian and Chinese parents, Peter began his musical life playing the violin at the age of 3.  Since winning the Viola Soloist position with the State Symphony of Sao Paulo in 1998, he has enjoyed over 1500 concerts at the Sala São Paulo Concert Hall.

Peter Pas plays Peter Infeld viola strings exclusively made by Thomastik-Infeld Vienna

"I have been using Thomastik-Infeld strings for over 30 years, and I am proud to announce that I have become an official Thomastik-Infeld endorsing artist. I love the new Peter Infeld line of viola strings; they give me amazing possibilities in solo, chamber and orchestral playing.They are the best strings I have ever used!"

Double Bass

Petru Iuga has already established himself as one of the foremost double bass players of his generation.

Having received his first training in his native Romania (with Prof.Ioan Cheptea) he was selected by Yehudi Menuhin for the International Menuhin Music Academy in Gstaad (Switzerland).

Petru Iuga

Petru Iuga plays Belcanto double bass strings by Thomastik-Infeld Vienna

Genre: Classical

Internationally renowned for their "extremely mature and lyrical sound" (Strad), the Quartetto di Cremona now graces the stages of the most prestigious venues. Their focus and intensity brings life to music from the “tight blend and immaculate voicing” of their Brahms to the “sleek and elegant” dynamic countouring of their Mozart (Strad). The Quartetto di Cremona’s dedication to their work as a string quartet shows through their music.

An outcry went through the metal scene, when Peter „Peavy“ Wagner and Victor Smolski of RAGE declared the end of their musical collaboration in the beginning of February 2015. Since André Hilgers also had to leave his place behind the drums, rumors were running high quickly and there was even talk about RAGE would call it quits. Though Peavy made it clear over and over again in interviews that the new line‐up of the band was already positioned, the names of his new band mates remained untold.


Marcos Rodriguez (left) plays RP109 Powerbrights E-guitar strings, Peavy Wagner (middle) plays EB345 Powerbass E-bass strings by Thomastik-Infeld Vienna

Violin | Genre: Classical

Winner of the Queen Elisabeth (2009) and Yehudi Menuhin Competitions (2008), Ray Chen is among the most compelling young violinists today.   “Ray has proven himself to be a very pure musician with great qualities such as a beautiful youthful tone, vitality and lightness. He has all the skills of a truly musical interpreter,” said the great Maxim Vengerov.

Ray with violin

Ray Chen plays Peter Infeld violin strings by Thomastik-Infeld Vienna

Violin I Genre: Classical

ROBERT LAKATOS began studying violin at the age of seven in his hometown of Novi Sad, mentored by his father Imre Lakatos. As the youngest violin student in the history of the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad, Lakatos completed his undergraduate and master studies under the renowned pedagogue Dejan Mihailovic. He continued his formal education at Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK) under Professor Rudolf Koelman, where he was awarded a scholarship for the exceptionally talented musicians by the Swiss Lyra Foundation.

Robert Lakatos plays Peter Infeld and Thomastik Vision solo. 

"I've been using them for years and I love the way my violin sounds with them. They have a wonderful feel under the fingers and they produce a powerful and rich sound. I am very proud to be part of the Thomastik–Infeld endorsed artist familly."

Guitarist | Genre: Metal

“The Thomastik Power Brights strings are in my life for many years, and really are one of best guitar strings in the world, well above other brands. Thomastik strives in giving us a great quality and the best technology for our best performance, either live stage or studio recordings. The Magnecore is perfect for me and my pH problems!".


Rodrigo Poblete uses RP111 Power Brights strings by Thomastik-Infeld Vienna

Guitarist | Genre: Metal

- Producer, composer with over 10 million sold sound records worldwide, lecturer and author of one of Germany's most successful guitar instructional DVD "School OfMetal"
- Guitarist of the internationally known bands RAGE and LINGUA MORTIS ORCHESTRA (already had 12 albums in the Media Control Charts; latest album " LMO " at No. 24)
- 3rd place in the National Eurovision Song Contest on Pro7 in 2009, as well as several appearances on "tv total" with Stefan Raab with RAGE

Victor with guitar

Viktor Smolski plays Power Bights RP109 e-guitar strings by Thomastik-Infeld Vienna.

Double Bass | Genre: Jazz

Many recordings with leading jazz artists and leads his own jazz project that includes original compositions with a strong emphasis on improvisation. Professor for Jazz Bass University School of Music - Graz, Austria (retired). Music Director for the Bass Encounters events in Graz / Vienna. Member of the International Society of Bassists and BassEurope. Active in supporting Double Bass meetings, workshops, and competitions. Recipient of awards for outstanding musical performance (i.e. Grammy award as part of the Woody Herman recording „Giant Steps“).

Wayne Darling

„The Thomastik-Infeld Spirocore strings give me the tone clarity, warmth, sustain and punch that I need for outstanding performance. The response and sound projection is excellent regardless of  ensemble size.They are simply the best! Thank you, Thomastik-Infeld!"

Wayne Darling plays Spirocore double bass strings by Thomastik-Infeld Vienna


With 14 Wolfgang found the Way to the 6 Strings which are still his World. The exploration of the Guitar started Autodidact and built it's Track through Private Teachers all the Way to the well known Musicians Institute / Hollywood California.
From 1989 - 1996 Wolfgang was on Tour with his first Professional Band. In that Time the musical Way crossed with several international Acts like, the E Street Band orThe Platters.


Wolfgang Laab plays Infeld und Plectrum guitar strings by Thomastik-Infeld Vienna

Genre: Classical

On April 25, 1919, the Zagreb Quartet was established by a concert in the great hall of the Croatian State Music Institute.

The Zagreb Quartet played more than 4,000 concerts on all continents, recorded more that 60 records for various world publishing and radio houses, i.e. like Sastruphon, RCA, Melodicom, Da Camera Magna, Croatia Records, ALM Records, etc.

The Zagreb Quartet plays Peter Infeld violin and viola strings as well as Spirocore cello strings by Thomastik-Infeld Vienna.

Marin Maras, violin – Peter Infeld strings: "Excellent strings, have a very clear sound and beautiful color. Very easy to play especially in high positions and the fast passages."

Davor Philips, violin – Peter Infeld strings: "Improve the sound quality of my German instrument and give it a darker color. The entire quartet sounds like one instrument."

Hrvoje Philips, viola - Peter Infeld strings: "Strings perfectly match the requirements of my modern instrument that is 15 years old and very large size. Special mention to a beautiful velvet tone of the G and C strings."

Martin Jordan, cello - Spirocore strings: "Traditionally excellent strings. For years I play on them and really suit on my very old Italian cello."