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Zdenka Infeld I Owner and CEO

Traude Sinn | Assistant to the CEO

 sinn [at]

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If you need assistance with Export, Order Management, or Pricing please contact:

Wolfgang Weiss I Director of Sales

weiss [at]

Thorsten Heinsohn I Key Account Manager

heinsohn [at]

Bettina Buric I Export

buric [at]

Daniela Rosenstingl I Export

rosenstingl [at]

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If you need information on Sponsoring, Artist Relations, Endorsement, Public Relations, Events, Trade shows, Design or Communication please contact:

Nina Haberlehner | Marketing Director

haberlehner [at]

Katharina Hofbauer

Katharina Hofbauer | Assistant Marketing Director

hofbauer [at]

Kezia Putz I Sponsoring & Events

putz [at]

Product Development, Engineering and TechnologyBack to top

In case you have questions about our products, technical details or if you have problems with your strings please contact:

Franz Klanner I Director of Engineering and Technology

technik [at]

Mariana Leszko I Senior Engineering Assistant, Viola and Violin

leszko [at]

Bernhard Rieger I Double Bass and Cello, R&D

rieger [at]

Heinz Kovacs I Guitar, Quality Assurance and Specialty Strings

kovacs [at]

Martin Fischer I Quality Assurance

fischer [at]

Martin Küblböck I Engineering Assistant

kueblboeck [at]

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Markus Zack

Markus Zack | Director of IT

zack [at]

Michelle Cervicek

Michelle Cervicek | System administrator

cervicek [at]

Finance and BackofficeBack to top

Irmgard Köffel I Authorized Officer

koeffel [at]

Martina Luksch I Human Resources

luksch [at]

Margot Fleck I Accounting

fleck [at]

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General Inquiries

info [at]