Djordje Stijepovic

Double Bass | Genre: Rockabilly, World Music

Often praised as the best slap bass player in the world, Djordje Stijepovic is one of those rare musicians that cannot be confined in any particular genre. While he is one of the most sought-after bassists for rockabilly and various forms of World Music, his expertise spans numerous styles.

Djordje Stijepovic has a Conservatory degree in classical double bass performance and degrees in jazz bass and arrangement, but his real education comes from playing in cigarette smoke filled clubs of his hometown Belgrade since his early teens. The list of artists he collaborated with bears witness to his musical diversity: Wanda Jackson (rockabilly), Drake Bell (pop), Tommy Emmanuel (instrumental), Rachel Brice (bellydance), Billy Boy Arnold (blues), Havana Whisper (swing), Kal (Romani), Shira Utfila (Sephardic), Beats Antique (world electronica) and many more.

He is also known as the bassist/singer/composer of his bands Atomic Sunset and Fishtank Ensemble and as a member of the rock'n'roll supergroup the HeadCat with Lemmy (Motorhead) and Slim Jim Phantom (Stray Cats).

In 2009 he started the Art of Slap Bass project dedicated to promoting other slap bassists and establishing slap as one of standard upright bass techniques alongside arco and pizzicato.

Thomastik-Infeld strings were with Djordje since his early days. When many slap players took the easy route of gut and synthetic strings, Djordje stuck to Thomastik and created his unique powerful sound incomparable to any other player. From Djordje's website:

“I probably tried all the strings that are available on the market and always came back to Spirocores. These are the only ones that give me a nice balance between slapping, pizzicato and bowing. And they always sound great!”

Besides Thomastik-Infeld strings, Djordje Stijepovic exclusively uses Blast Cult basses, Orange amplifiers and Mojave microphones.


Djordje Stijepovic plays Belcanto and Spirocore double bass strings by Thomastik-Infeld Vienna