Georgy Gusev

Cello | Genre: Modern

"As a cellist I am constantly looking for a brighter and stronger sound.

I was introduced to the VERSUM strings at the NAMM show in Moscow and I put them on just ten minutes before my concert. They instantly sounded perfect and immediately captivated me with their clearness of tone and easy playability.

Owning an instrument that is almost 150 years old, it's hard finding the right strings. The VERSUM strings bring out the best qualities of my cello and help me achieve a rich sound. Especially when playing in high positions, the a-string has a crystal vibration that is very pleasant to the ear."


Academic life:

Born in a small town in South Ural and moved to Moscow when 13 years old, Georgy starts his academic life in one of the best institutions that classical music can have. After his Master’s degree in Cello Performance from the Moscow Conservatory in Russia, he moved to Italy to study and earn a diploma of “Master of Cello” with the Sicilian virtuoso Giovanni Sollima at the Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia.

In parallel to his academic studies he experienced the master’s knowledge of internationally renowned cellists like Mstislav Rostropovich, Maria Kliegel, Garry Hoffman, Philippe Muller, Michael Flaxman, Natalia Gutman and others.


Early-stage working experiences. Classical Period:

Georgy works as a soloist with orchestra and various ensembles in the best classical and modern Halls of Moscow, Saint-Petersbourg, Rome, Zurich, Beijing, Milan, Paris and participated in various international festivals along with many world-renowned musicians like Natalia Gutman, Giovanni Sollima, Enrico Dindo, Eliso Virsaladze, Rocco Filippini, Monika Leskovar, Sonig Tchakerian, Boris Andrianov, Alexander Bouzlov and many others.


Composing and Concert programs. Modern period:

Among his recent projects there is a series of modern compositions for cello solo named The Traveler’s diary, originally Breviario per Nomadi, that has been used as a background for “Mi chiamo città” show by the Italian national television RAI3, and various other commercials.

An Artist’s significant concert project is a program called “CELLO DRIVE” (originally “New Age of Cello”). The program includes Georgy’s innovative pieces as well as completely revised compositions of national melodies and songs. The program is usually suited exclusively for a particular event’s necessity making each performance unique and memorable.


Teaching, Educational Courses and Festivals:

Gusev has taught for over two years as a docent at the Accademia Musicale Praeneste (Rome) and held master classes of modern approach to classical music in Zagarolo (2013, 2014, 2015), Rome (2014, 2015) and Moscow (2013, 2014, 2015). He helds individually designed lessons of cello and piano.

For over five years he is collaborating with the famous French violin maker Mathias Menanteau. Together they organize educational concerts and lectures in Moscow and various cities in Italy. Their goal is to teach history and technology of creating and restoring string instruments with an interactive approach and a live musical demonstration. The courses are designed for early-stage professionals, students and open public.

Besides performing and teaching, Gusev is actively promoting the cultural exchange between Russian and Italian musicians organizing Italo-Russian master classes in Rome and, respectively, in Moscow. To urge such exchange he decided to found the International Music Festival “Masters of Music” held each year in Moscow from 2013.


Professional opinions:

“Georgy is a very talented young boy, I am sure he has a great future as a cellist.” - Mstislav Rostropovich

"Brilliant! I've never heard someone playing a cello like this!" – Guitarist Tommy Emmanuel

"Amazed by his talent, musicality and technique! Georgy is a rare example of a musician who manages to connect knowledge and respect for musical tradition with his own creativity and gorgeous talent. Certainly he’s one of the most intriguing young musicians that we must respect as important for the culture’s future." – Monika Leskovar

 «Georgy has a special talent, his interpretations are full of intensity, curiosity, stylistic knowledge, beautiful sound and a robust technical skills.» - Giovanni Sollima

«Mr. Gusev’s playing with a great sense of creativity and shows a deep understanding of composer’s intention. His brilliant technique enables him to apply the proper means of expression. Furthermore, I would like to point out his sensitivity for the beauty of sound.» - Kazimierz Michalik

«...because of the originality and passion as well brilliant finesse cello playing of young Russian musician Georgy Gusev…» - Michael Flaksman

«Georgy Gusev is a very fine, fitted and intelligent young cellist playing on a very high level, both musically and technically...» - Young Chang Cho



Ernst Liebich (Breslau 1890)

Nicolas Geisser (St.Petersburg 1911)

YAMAHA Silent Cello SVC110 (2014)

Georgy Gusev plays Versum cello strings by Thomastik-Infeld Vienna