john pearse folk

John Pearse folk

The bass strings E, A, d are round wound on a nylon core for a big  warm sound without ­distracting picking noises. The treble strings are...

classic n superlona

Classic N superlona

Heavy duty nylon strings, with a choice of two styles of basses (E, A, D): either silver plated copper roundwound (CR127), or chrome steel...

classic S rope core

Classic S rope core

Exceptional steel string alternatives for concert, fingerstyle and folk guitarists.

george benson jazz strings

George Benson Jazz strings

The dynamics of George Benson Jazz Strings by Thomastik-Infeld were designed-in from the beginning. Like true intonation. Excellent sustain....

JAZZ Swing

JAZZ Swing

This is the legendary flatwound jazz guitar string! A list of its players reads like a Jazz Hall of Fame, and it’s still the undisputed king of...

JAZZ bebop

JAZZ bebop

Probably the only round wound guitar string that can truly be called a jazz string. A similarity to the JAZZ SWING in materials and string...

acoustic bass

Acoustic bass

Ideal for acoustic bass guitars and piezo­electric equipped solidbody basses. This set has a phosphor bronze round wound winding around a nylon...