Zdenka Infeld

Portrait photo of Zdenka Infeld

Zdenka Infeld and Robert Infeld are continuing a long family tradition of entrepreneurs. Zdenka Infeld strives to lead the company according to this tradition and pursues the essential philosophy of life and art of Peter Infeld which he had embraced fully with heart and soul.



Marketing & Artist Relations

The Marketing department is responsible for all marketing & artist relations as well as advertising and media contacts. We participate in trade shows worldwide and work in close cooperation with our international customers developing strategic marketing concepts.

Contact: marketing [at]



The Export team ensures a high level of customer service by their professional approach to order processing and managing the delivery logistics for our distributors worldwide. Existing customers and those who want to apply for distribution please contact us any time!

Contact: export [at]


Research & Development

The Research & Development department takes care of material research, our production line and machinery design, thus providing knowledge on producing the best high quality handmade strings.

Contact: technik [at]