Wolfgang Laab


With 14 Wolfgang found the Way to the 6 Strings which are still his World. The exploration of the Guitar started Autodidact and built it's Track through Private Teachers all the Way to the well known Musicians Institute / Hollywood California.
From 1989 - 1996 Wolfgang was on Tour with his first Professional Band. In that Time the musical Way crossed with several international Acts like, the E Street Band orThe Platters.
After the mentioned Study at MI a very exciting Period in Los Angeles started. Wolfgang worked as Engineer and Guitarplayer with the Top Producer Peter Wolf. At this Time he was involved in all the current Productions.
In 2002 Wolfgang started to work more and more creative in Vienna. As a Composer, Writer and Guitarplayer, he was involved in the first two CD Productions from Christina Stürmer, or as Guitarplayer for Manuel Ortega, Joesi Prokopetz, Freddy Gigele or also Alf Poier. The
Song "Weil der Mensch zählt" made it up to Rank 6 at the Eurovision Songcontest 2003.
After 2 Years Live on Tour with Alf Poier und der obersteirischen Wolfshilfe, Wolfgang startet to work more and more in the Studio Department. Several writing Orders for TV Shows like "Schnell Emittelt"or the Movie about Falco formed a round and creative Picture.



Wolfgang Laab plays Infeld und Plectrum guitar strings by Thomastik-Infeld Vienna