"Apocalyptica has put their trust in Thomastik-Infeld strings already for over a decade of time, having been using these particular strings for an estimated 1000 shows in all continents. We have tried and tested all the different strings on the market, and found out, that Thomastik-Infeld is the only one, that can stand the intense pressure and demanding techniques, and the variable concert conditions we are facing daily, as a band. The lower strings especially are solid, strong and durable, yet still smoothly playable and flexible. At the same time you can easily dig sensual and lyrical texture out of these strings too, which is very rare that the strings would have both qualities. Thomastik strings are an essential part in creating the heavy and majestic Apocalyptica distorted cello-sound, and we proudly recommend these strings for everyone, no matter what music style they may play." (Perttu Kivilaakso on behalf of all Apocalyptica)

​Apocalyptica play cello strings by Thomastik-Infeld Vienna.

Apocalyptica with cellos

Apocalyptica play cello strings by Thomastik-Infeld Vienna.