Auner Quartet

String Quartet

"Music is a language understood by all people, providing a common ground. A quartet is a powerful exchange of four people talking, debating, singing and celebrating – and everyone is listening. When we play, our instruments become one with our bodies and strings turn into our vocal cords. For many years we have been playing on different strings by Thomastik-Infeld, they give our musical ideas a perfect voice. These strings enable us to talk to each other on stage and express things that are actually beyond expression. The multitude of colors, the precise response – all tonal necessities to perform magic on stage – sill remain unsurpassed!"

(Daniel Auner, Barbara de Menezes Galante Auner, Nikita Gerkusov, Konstantin Zelenin, AUNER QUARTETT)

The Auner Quartet plays Peter Infeld Violin/Viola strings and Versum Cello strings

Auner Quartett Portrait

The Auner Quartet plays strings by Thomastik-Infeld Vienna