Juan Garcia-Herreros / Snow Owl

Infeld E-Bass Saiten

"12 years ago Peter Infeld discovered me during one of my performances in the Frankfurter Musikmesse. We developed immediately a close friendship and a mutual respect which I deeply cherish till today. I was amazed during the process of testing and the Infeld Super Alloy strings at the amount of passionate attention in which the Thomastik-Infeld staff attended to my artistic input. I am not just an endorser. I truly feel that it is an honour to be a part of a Viennese musical legacy. My instrument is merely the body, the strings are the soul. Thank you Thomastik-Infeld for your belief in me."

Juan Garcia-Herreros spielt Infeld E-Bass Saitenvon Thomastik-Infeld Vienna


Snow Owl

Juan Garcia-Herreros spielt Infeld E-Bass Saiten von Thomastik-Infeld Vienna