Máiréad Nesbitt


"Thomastik-Infeld strings have been my musical partner from recording my solo albums Hibernia and Raining Up to my Nesbitt family album Devil’s Bit Sessions. These amazing strings have been with me in the biggest shows and venues in the world! They have a perfect blend of elegance, power, brilliance and warmth that helps me to achieve the dynamic range that I love in my multiple styles. They are also my choice and the perfect companions for my new violin line Máiréad Nesbitt Celtic Violin Collection. From Lord of the Dance and Celtic Woman worldwide to Rocktopia on Broadway, they are also my perfect companions! Thank you Thomastik- Infeld!"

Máiréad Nesbitt is an Emmy and Grammy Nominated Celtic Violinist and Composer and plays violin strings by Thomastik-Infeld Vienna.

Máiréad Nesbitt with violin

Máiréad Nesbitt plays violin strings by Thomastik-Infeld Vienna