A letter from Guatemala

Sistema de Orquestas de Guatemala

The Guatemalan Orchestra System (SOG) extends its deepest appreciation and gratitude to Thomastik-Infeld Vienna for the donation of strings.

Thank you for helping this organization that seeks the inclusion, empowerment, development and value promotion for vulnerable children and youth, through the collective practice of MUSIC.

We are certain this contribution will allow us to develop a holistic approach that cultivates in children and young Guatemalans ​​values for academic, intellectual, professional, spiritual, social and personal growth.

Quality of this musicians will make a diference, there is no doubt, thanks to youthis kids will have the opportunity to use  better quality strings, and also the opportunity to dream and pass on to their families, friends and community positivism, passion, discipline, joy and leadership.




Sistema de Orquestas de Guatemala

Guatemala kids