Peter Infeld violin strings

Unlike any heard before

For over 90 years Thomastik-Infeld Vienna has been a leading manufacturer of high-class musical strings for stringed instruments. The company is renowned for its high-performance products and its innovative potential. The new Peter Infeld violin strings mark a new and important chapter in Thomastik-Infeld´s history. They are unlike any strings heard before!  

It is all about sound colours

Imagine being in front of a music hall about to attend a concert with friends. When stepping into the foyer of the building you are immediately surrounded by a distinctive pre-concert atmosphere. All those different sounds: doors opening and closing, people walking and talking, shoes tapping, soft music and the din of traffic in the background. It is truly a sonic micro-universe. Amongst all these auditory stimuli you hear somebody calling your name. In an instant you recognize this person as your best friend. Why did you immediately distinguish the voice in this noisy environment? It is the unique timbre of a voice that a human being discriminates out of dozens of other voices and sounds. It is all about sound colours!
Sound colours are so important in many facets of our everyday life; they also play an integral part in making music. Creating unique sound colours is the essence of the new Peter Infeld violin strings which are named to pay homage to Mr. Infeld who unfortunately left us in April 2009. Just like the mathematical sign π with its infinite digits, the new “PI” violin strings have the versatile ability to produce complex tones and, as a result, unparalleled sound colours for the violinist and the audience. The new Peter Infeld violin strings bring the joy of exploring new sound dimensions previously unattainable.