Superar Vienna

Thomastik-Infeld supports the social organization Superar

The social organization ((superar)) is an initiative for more music and dance in the daily lives of children and young people in Austria and international. Providers are the Vienna Konzerthaus, the Vienna Boys Choir and the Caritas of the Archdiocese of Vienna .

Focus of the organization is singing , but since April 2013 ((superar)) has established a youth orchestra in the 10th Vienna district. Currently there are 34 children in this orchestra . The children, aged between 8-13 years, have never before held a stringed instrument in hands, thus the strings suffer most. 2-3 strings tear on average in a week.

Thomastik-Infeld is very pleased to provide strings for all children, and thus secure the youth orchestra the necessary supply of strings, which would not have been possible otherwise due to financial reasons of the organization.

We remain very excited about the development of the orchestra and look forward to working with (( superar )) in a long- term cooperation in order for the children to experience and keep the joy of music.


Kids with strings