Thomastik-Infeld endorses new Haydn String Trio

"My language is understood all over the world." - Joseph Haydn

The Haydn String Trio was founded in the summer of 2016 by the three friends, Echo Klassik Award winner Yury Revich (violin), Wolfgang Wölfer (viola) and Orfeo Mandozzi (violoncello). It is named after Joseph Haydn who is not just considered the father of the string quartet, but also composed the first known string trio in 1765. 

Wolfgang Wölfer has been an official Thomastik-Infeld endorser for ten years now and been playing the Peter Infeld viola strings. Orfeo Mandozzi uses our Versum strings for his cello and Echo Klassik Award winner 2016 Yury Revich has just now switched to Thomastik-Infeld and is playing Peter Infeld strings.

Haydn String Trio