Victor Smolski - Straight to Hell or Paradise

New book!

On 16th of September, the German version of the Victor Smolski book will be published on market. The slightly other biography about Victor will present fascinating insights into the metal- and classic world, into the fascination motorsport, interviews with Andy Siry (Nuclear Blast) and Peavy Wagner (RAGE) among others, guitar notes and tabs of Unity, Soundchaser and other RAGE hits, everything available on more than 300 pages with more than 200 pictures. The book can be ordered at Amazon, in book stores with the ISBN-Nr. 978-3-00-046924-4 or directly here using the eMail address smolski-buch [at]'">smolski-buch [at] to a price of 19,99 €. (the English version of the book will follow soon)

Axel Werbach (Autor):
Composing songs for the next CD, driving races on Nürburgring circuit, set up the upcoming concert-tour, planning lessons at his „Unity Music School“, compiling the setlist for the next „RAGE“ and „Lingua Mortis Orchestra“ concert, getting free for privat and family activities, giving interviews for the media world, writing notes for classical scores, next to that mixing a power-metal-song in studio, playing at Wacken infront of 80.000 people, teaching 20 students in his masterclass, playing a guitar-workshop at the music-fair…

Here we are talking about the guitarist, the ambitious hobby-race-driver and father of a family Victor Smolski, who loves doing all this voluntarily and real successfully.

At the following link you can find a full video about Victor by Stephan König of HardHarderHeavy. Check it out!!!:

The song "Straight to Hell" of the RAGE album "Welcome to the other side", composed by Victor Smolski, again made it into a movie as a soundtrack. This time it's not a comedy like "Der Schuh des Manitu", but an american horror movie. ("The Cursed Man", the movie is a feature horror/suspense film from producer/director James L. Perry, based on the novel by Keith Rommel. "Publishing critics have dubbed author Rommel as the next Steven King," according to Perry.)

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