Thomastik-Infeld - Product Catalog

119 Playing in Cello Fury, I look for a bright and direct melodic tone with enough punch that I can cut through the texture of our band. I also need enough bite and power on my lower strings to provide a booming bass sound. The unified sound of the Spirocore set fits all my needs as a rock cellist and Thomastik-Infeld is the only brand that I trust. Steven Sharp Nelson © Lisa-Marie Mazzucco © Josh Rossi Spirocore strings have been an essential component of my career as a soloist and chamber musician since my youth. I cannot imagine doing justice to a Shostakovich concerto, a Bartok quartet, or a Bach suite without them. They give me everything I need as a cellist: beauty of tone, responsiveness, consistency and the strength to cut through orchestras and ensembles, and in duo repertoire, to stand up against the power of today’s 9-foot concert grand pianos. They are perfectly suited to my entire collection of instruments, which includes everything from a 1754 Guadagnini to a 2014 cello made in China. Spirocore is, and has been, my first choice of cello strings, serving every need I have on stage and in the recording studio. Simon Cummings David Finckel My cellos and I have seen the world together. We’ve been atop the Great Wall, in the mists of Iguazu Falls, astride a speeding train and even upon the parapets of an iconic castle. The strings I play have to be tough, but ever so sensitive and immune to jet-lag. I play Thomastik-Infeld Versum and Spirocore strings because they are the finest strings I’ve found no matter where I’ve flown. They are tenacious, responsive and forgiving. They are my soulmate strings. Thank you, Thomastik-Infeld! © Nadine Sherman CELLO STRINGS