Thomastik-Infeld - Product Catalog

137 For 10 years I happily play Belcanto Solo strings by Thomastik-Infeld. They offer exactly what I wish for: an unbelievably warm and brilliant sound. In my opinion these strings are the first choice in turning a double bass into a soloist. Dominik Emanuel Wagner Ernö Racz I use Belcanto Solo strings for the A- and E-strings and Spirocore Solo strings for the B- and F-sharp strings. The Belcanto Solo strings give me the flexibility and brilliance I need to produce all the different colors I want while the Spicocore strings give me the power and force I need to be heard even in the biggest hall. I’m very happy to work together with Thomastik-Infeld and to play their amazing double bass strings. © Daniel Delang Edicson Ruiz As a soloist only with Thomastik- Infeld Spirocore I have succeeded to fly easily over any orchestra I have been blessed to play with. Their clarity travels easily to the audience and their unique frequency matches my antique 1754 Milanese bass like no other string. After trying every string brand on the market, I can say with absolute certainty that Thomastik-Infeld Belcanto is the most powerful and thus the only string for my orchestral playing. It is the one with the highest resistance in terms of weight, it offers diversity of color and all the dimensions that our orchestra is renowned for world-wide. © Nohely Oliveros DOUBLE BASS STRINGS