Thomastik-Infeld - Product Catalog

145 Spirocores were the strings I started playing on, and the strings I always return to. I need strings that can cut through in a packed underground punk club or deliver the subtlest of notes in a classical music hall. Emotion and drama at my fingertips, strings that can be brutal and violent one minute, sensitive and quiet the next. Thomastik-Infeld Spirocores have the strength, depth and tone that I rely on day after day. I have been using the Spirocore weich strings by Thomastik-Infeld for twenty years now and don’t look to change anything. I think that says it all! Thanks! Viktor Krauss © Yuri Lenquette © Andrey Kezzyn Adrian Stout Avishai Cohen Thomastik-Infeld Spirocore set number 42 medium gauge strings have been my staple since 1982. The sound and tension of these strings are as important to me as the instrument that I play. Be it on stage or in the studio, the clarity and responsiveness are perfect. Carlitos del Puerto © Pernilla Nylander © Ricardo Beron Thomastik-Infeld Spirocore were the strings I started my career with way back when I was a kid in Habana Cuba. Like a good old friend of mine they have always been there for me with perfect balance, perfect tension, toughness and durability. Spirocores are traditional yet modern sounding at the same time. I love them, they feel familiar, they feel like home. Thank you Thomastik-Infeld for continuing to make amazing products! It means a lot to all of us musicians, thank you. DOUBLE BASS STRINGS