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149 Thomastik-Infeld strings are perfectly adaptable to all my playing styles, whether it’s pizzicato, arco or my ‚Slap‘ technique. They are just as ideal for jazz and classical as they are for any other musical genre. Thanks Thomastik-Infeld for giving me all these possibilities and the long-term support! Max Dimoff © Yuri Lenquette Stanley Clarke Whether playing a Mahler Symphony at Severance Hall or a recital in solo tuning, Spirocores have the great combination of power, clarity and quick response that I love! The sustain on pizzicato is unmatched by any other string. Spirocores are the perfect strings in a wide range of styles. Thank you Thomastik- Infeld!! © Pernilla Nylander © Ricardo Beron Dominik Emanuel Wagner I use Belcanto Solo strings for the A- and E-strings and Spirocore Solo strings for the B- and F-sharp strings. The Belcanto Solo strings give me the flexibility and brilliance I need to produce all the different colors I want while the Spicocore strings give me the power and force I need to be heard even in the biggest hall. I’m very happy to work together with Thomastik-Infeld and to play their amazing double bass strings. © Daniel Delang Renaud Garcia-Fons For more than 35 years I have been using Thomastik-Infeld Spirocore strings, combining Spirocore Solo and Spirocore Orchestra weich. In the course of time I have tried other brands, but I have always returned home. For me they are perfect for pizzicato and bowing. These strings offer brilliance, precision and a tonal quality I need for both my melodic and rhythmic playing. They are suitable for solo performances as well as accompaniment, for recording sessions and concerts. These strings allowed me to develop a particular bow rebounce technique called pizzicato di arco, assuring best rendering in terms of tone and response accuracies. DOUBLE BASS STRINGS