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15 For over 25 years Dominant strings have been my trusted and dear companion in performances and recordings all over the world. From climates of Tokyo to Buenos Aires, from music of Bach to Alfred Schnittke, I know I can always rely on Dominant’s depth of sound, colour palette, respon- siveness and power of projection. Looking forward to many more years of collaboration! Vadim Gluzman Dominant are the most reliable and versatile strings out here. Their quick response, warmth and rich sound combined with their incredible projection have taken me from Madison Square Garden with Stevie Wonder to Carnegie Hall, as well as jazz clubs all around the world. Scott Tixier © Franck Bohbot © Dana van Leeuwen © Marco Borggreve © Darwin Alberto I’ve played Thomastik-Infeld Dominants for most of my life. They were recommended to me in my childhood and they have suited my Vuillaume perfectly since I was 13. I trust these strings as I tour all kinds of repertoire in different climates and acoustics around the world – you can hear Dominants on every one of my recordings. I appreciate their tonal warmth, and I love my history with these strings. Thank you, Thomastik-Infeld. Hilary Hahn It’s a great honor and a privilege to play on Thomastik-Infeld strings. As a fiddler, my string needs are unique, and my style is demanding, but the folks at Thomastik-Infeld helped me find the strings that work best for me, and now my fiddling is much more fun and enjoyable, and I’m much more confident in my sound. I use various cross-tunings (scordatura) in my style, and it’s important for me to have strings that will stay in tune and maintain their quality when I change tunings. I also play a lot of double stops, and so it’s important for the strings to have a warm sound that blends while also the melody is clear and distinct. Dominant strings are my current choice; I especially recommend them in the studio where each note needs to be clean and distinct. The people at Thomastik-Infeld are phenomenal, thanks so much, Hillary Klug VIOLIN STRINGS