Thomastik-Infeld - Product Catalog

27 Peter Infeld strings are by far the most open and responsive strings I have ever used. I have them on all my violins, old and new. They let me sculpt my sound allowing an array of tonal colors I never thought possible, and when I need the utmost volume out of my instruments I can do so without any string distortion. © Chris Lee Glenn Dicterow I’ve been using Thomastik- Infeld strings for over 20 years. Currently I’m stuck on Peter Infeld and Rondo alike. They offer such a brilliant sound and at the same time allow me to create many, many different colors and characters. They are the perfect strings for my violins!! Thank you, Thomastik-Infeld. © Lawrence Tsang Feng Ning Ray Chen © Julian Hargreaves Strings are to an instrument what musicians are to the note on the score. Both channel the passion, connection and virtuosity in music. Thomastik-Infeld strings enable me to access a world of colors and emotions, right at the tips of my fingers. That’s why they are the best. James Ehnes © Benjamin Ealovega Thomastik-Infeld strings have been my strings of choice through my entire career. Their Peter Infeld strings have, for me, the ideal combination of consistency, quality, power and variety of expression. They make my Stradivarius sing. Bravo, Thomastik-Infeld! VIOLIN STRINGS