Thomastik-Infeld - Product Catalog

The new millennium is celebrated with the completion of Thomastik-Infeld’s own extreme-precision rolling mill with an accuracy of 0.5µ (= 5/1000 mm). A precision even world-renowned watch manufacturers envy us for. It’s literally again time for more strings! Zdenka Infeld takes over the helm. One year later the product line Peter Infeld was launched in memoriam of her late husband. Since she is in the lead 28 of altogether 80 patents have been conferred, a clear sign for her visionary leadership. Thomastik-Infeld celebrates its 100 year anniversary with the launch of and many more surprises! 2000 2009 2019 Music strings of the highest quality – this is both the incentive and obligation of Thomastik-Infeld. Based in Vienna, we have been developing and producing strings with the vastest range of tone colors since 1919. Our progressive string developments have revolutionized the music world repeatedly. 100 years of experience, pioneering research in the field of string technology and material science as well as groundbreaking developments in mechanical engineering create tone and inspiration day after day. Whether for bowed, fretted or world music instruments – our Viennese strings impress on streets and stages all over the world and are played enthusiastically by musicians of all genres.