Thomastik-Infeld - Product Catalog

49 Thomastik-Infeld strings have remained my faithful companion for decades. The fascinating sound variety created by Ti strings is absolutely remarkable. Soft warmth along with glorious energy enable me to combine two elements: the Russian Violin School and Viennese Sound. Igor Malinovsky © Lars Neumann Thomastik-Infeld strings give a beautiful body, richness and warmth to my violins. I have always been using Dominant and I love their fullness, projection and resonance. They are also extremely responsive and maintain their brilliance for a long time. I recently tried Ti and these strings give a beautiful, sweet, rich tone to my violin. Both Dominant and Ti are very suitable for Indian Music and I highly recommend them! When I think of violin strings, my first choice is Thomastik- Infeld’s Dominant. I love their bright tone with their smooth edges and punch. They are very comfortable on the fingers and provide ideal tonal warmth. Especially their sonorous qualities are unparalleled. In addition to Dominant, another favorite is Thomastik-Infeld Ti, as those strings add more sweetness to my violin. Nandini Shankar Dr. Sangeeta Shankar © Inni Singh © Inni Singh VIOLIN STRINGS