Thomastik-Infeld - Product Catalog

57 A few years back I tried the Thomastik-Infeld Vision Solo simply because their name made me curious. I’ve always looked for clarity and depth of sound in strings and I must say that I found both in Vision Solo! Cristiano Gualco © Nikolaj Lund As a touring musician, I look for strings that are durable, stable and settle quickly as sometimes I don’t have the luxury of time between shows. I like Vision Solo strings because they are warm, but articulate, and have the stability I need for the road. For me, the tone and articulation fits perfectly with the current fiddle style I find myself playing most frequently with country artist Drake White. I have been using Thomastik- Infeld strings my whole career. From Dominants to Peter Infelds to all the various Vision strings, I have never been disappointed! Today Vision Solos are my strings of choice. They are superb strings for my 1687 Stradivarius. Responsive, powerful, true to pitch, these wonderful strings suit my style of playing and are more than a match for the many demands the job of a concertmaster places on them. They adapt perfectly to the many changes of weather and humidity here on the east coast of the U.S. When needed I can change them, even immediately before a concert, and they will always be faithful and ready for action! I think these strings are simply fantastic. Jon Aanestad Jonathan Carney © Chris Lee © Jon Karr VIOLIN STRINGS