Thomastik-Infeld - Product Catalog

PRODUCT NUMBER All product numbers refer to medium tension. For light tension, add „W“ (German: weich) to the product number (e.g. 135W or S42W). For heavy tension, add „ST“ (German: stark) to the product number (e.g. S36ST or VI100ST). KEYNOTE The keynote is the lowest tone of a string. CORE MATERIAL AND OUTER MATERIAL The Thomastik-Infeld catalog contains information about the core material used and normally the material of the outermost layer. A string can consist of up to eight winding layers and various intermediary materials. We also use simplified terms for the materials in the catalog to make the information more understandable. Thomastik-Infeld uses six different string cores: – Carbon steel – Spiral core – Stainless steel – Synthetic core – Rope core – Composite core Despite the strictest compliance with the most stringent production and quality criteria, traces of materials other than those stated may be found in the string. For detailed information about the materials used, please contact [email protected] VIBRATING STRING LENGTH The vibrating string length is the distance from the inner edge of the bridge to the inner edge of the nut. To choose the right strings and the correct string tension, you need to know the vibrating string length of your instrument. The vibrating string length is stated in both centimeters and inches in the catalog. USABLE FROM / TO There are some strings that can also be used for longer and/or shorter vibrating string lengths. The range is stated separately. Please note that the string tension changes in case of a varying vibrating string length: if the length increases, the string tension is squared! STRING TENSION kg lb The string tension is the force that must pull on a string in order to generate the desired tone for a specified vibrating string length. The string tension is stated in kilograms and pounds. It always relates to the vibrating string length stated in the catalog. Conversion: 1kg = 2.20462 lb TAILPIECE END Thomastik-Infeld offers four different string ends for tailpieces: Ball end Crimp ball end Loop end Removable ball end Ball ends can be made from the following materials: Aluminum Copper Nickel Brass COLOR MARKING OF TAILPIECE END AND PEG END To identify the products, our strings are marked with Thomastik-Infeld’s own silks at the tailpiece and peg ends. See all of our silk colors at the top of this page. Subject to modifications and errors. Cloud Hazelnut Teal Violet Sky Stone Navy Mint Basil Pineapple Buttersotch Mocha Ebony Shamrock Honey Tangerine Cherry