Thomastik-Infeld - Product Catalog

81 I’ve always played on Thomastik- Infeld strings. Absolutely reliable, wonderful with a rich tone and sound. Out of curiosity I tried other strings from different producers but soon went back to Thomastik-Infeld. Discovering Peter Infeld strings made my day. Because now I also have the perfect balance. Simone Gramaglia I have been using Thomastik- Infeld strings for over 30 years. I love the Peter Infeld line of viola strings; they give me amazing possibilities in solo, chamber and orchestral playing. They are the best strings I have ever used! Peter Pas © Natália Kikuchi © SG I’m an old fan of Thomastik- Infeld’s Vision Solo, but since the launch of Peter Infeld for viola I am thrilled to have found a second string companion, depending on the repertoire and the instrument I am playing on. While Vision Solo strings combine strength, brightness and beauty in a unique way, Peter Infeld strings add the touch of wound gut strings. Thomas Riebl VIOLA STRINGS