Thomastik-Infeld - Product Catalog

85 I could not be happier with my Thomastik-Infeld strings! As a violist I believe our G and C strings should be steel core and have found the silver wound G and the tungsten wound C Spirocore strings to be the absolute best quality in my 40 years of performing. They are quick to respond, very powerful and have a beautiful sound. With my Vision Solo D and Spirocore A, I feel I have limitless room for expression. I highly recommend these strings to all my violist colleagues and students alike. I must have tried almost all combinations of string brands but only Thomastik-Infeld strings meet my expectations. I combine Vision Solo A+D, Spirocore Silver G and Tungsten C. Together they offer great power, sensitivity, many layers of colors and pitch stability. They help me sound at my best. With gratitude, I have used the Spirocore Viola strings by Thomastik-Infeld for many years with tremendous success. The tungsten C in particular is my ideal Viola C-string: perfect blend of resistance and sensitivity, clarity and depth of sound. Spirocore strings allow my instrument to find its ideal balance of tension, which translates into a full ringing sound across all registers of the instrument. I constantly recommend them to my students to fix response and resonance problems on their own instruments. John Lagress Choong-Jin Chang Larry Dutton © Lisa Mazzucco © Tania Quintanilla © Bonsook Koo VIOLA STRINGS