Thomastik-Infeld - Product Catalog

95 I’m an old fan of Thomastik- Infeld’s Vision Solo, but since the launch of Peter Infeld for viola I am thrilled to have found a second string companion, depending on the repertoire and the instrument I am playing on. While Vision Solo strings combine strength, brightness and beauty in a unique way, Peter Infeld strings add the touch of wound gut strings. © Crystal Broussard Benjamin von Gutzeit Early on in my career I was obsessed with finding the perfect strings for my instrument to produce exactly the sound I had in my mind. After literally trying (almost) every viola string on the market, I found that the Thomastik-Infeld Vision Solo strings were exactly what I was looking for. They have the richness in overtones combined with warmth (which is lacking in many other synthetic strings), excellent sound projection and bow response as well as great pitch stability. Thomastik-Infeld Vision Solo strings simply bring out the best on my viola and I couldn’t imagine living without them. Thomas Riebl © Bonsook Koo I must have tried almost all combinations of string brands but only Thomastik-Infeld strings meet my expectations. I combine Vision Solo A+D, Spirocore Silver G and Tungsten C. Together they offer great power, sensitivity, many layers of colors and pitch stability. They help me sound at my best. With gratitude, Choong-Jin Chang VIOLA STRINGS