Strings with accountability for the future

Commitment to society and the environment is part of Thomastik-Infeld’s everyday life. It is important for us to show this kind of responsibility. We endeavour to provide a clear and transparent management style of our company in all questions of ecological, social and economic sustainability.

Environment and climate protection

Within the scope of our responsibility for the future we voluntarily commit ourselves to participation in various environmental measures. The project “ÖkoBusinessPlan” is worth mentioning. Its aim is to lower operating expenses, the efficient usage of resources and raw materials, to optimise production processes and to dispose of waste properly. Thomastik-Infeld only cooperates with partners who follow similar principles. For example, we ensure that all our suppliers are certificated with ISO 14001:2004 and that they correspond to the standards of the PEFC-Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification schemes.

Social environment and society

Traditionally Thomastik-Infeld supports the musical education of children and adolescents. Social projects are assigned, for example to build up a music school in the North of India, music lessons in several regions of South Eastern Europe and scholarships awarded for deprived persons. In addition to providing materials such as strings, funds are also provided for the support of these projects.

As a traditional Viennese company we enrich the cultural life of the city as well as that of the surrounding area by organising numerous exhibitions and concerts.

Job and employees

Thomastik-Infeld concerns itself as much as possible with matters which influence the quality of life of its employees. Thus we provide 200 secure jobs in Vienna’s 5th municipal district in close proximity to the employees’ places of residence. In addition to the quality of the technical equipment we ensure the compatibility of work and family life. Furthermore, we look after the health and safety of our employees as well as that of neighbouring residents around our place of production.

The main focuses cited above prove that social and ecological responsibility has become an inherent part of the company’s strategy. Thomastik-Infeld, in endeavouring to work responsibly with all its partners, makes its products with a full awareness of its accountability for the future.