Meet DOMINANT PRO's A-String DP02B

Meet DOMINANT PRO's Expanded Line! In addition to the strings included in the set NO.DP100 we offer three alternative E-strings, as well as one extra A- and one extra D-string. 

In comparison to NO.DP02, the extra A-string NO.DP02B (Chrome) has a considerably smaller diameter. This means that NO.DP02B responds much faster than NO.DP02. Due to the steel core, the string achieves pitch stability immediately after being strung and offers a very high level of resistance to bow pressure. In addition, the chrome winding makes it extremely corrosion-resistant and bestows the string with a particularly long lifespan. Should a player have problems with the lifespan of synthetic A-strings in general due to aggressive sweating, NO.DP02B is the ideal solution. It also reduces buzz tones (small wolf tone). It has a higher dynamic range (can be played very quietly and very loudly) than NO.DP02, however, it also features a decreased tonal modulation capacity, which is a typical characteristic of a steel string. Both strings have a very good brilliance to warmth ratio. After a break-in period of around five hours, NO.DP02B becomes a touch more brilliant and open. This supports the brilliance of the E-string, but can also induce whistling in sensitive E-strings such as NO.DP01AU or NO.DP01PT. However, NO.DP01 is not influenced by this. In general, steel core strings have a higher string tension; this must also be taken into consideration with NO.DP02B so as to avoid potentially overburdening the instrument. When deciding on the NO.DP02B, we recommend using a fine tuner, since even the smallest of changes when winding up a string can result in extreme changes in the frequency, similarly to a steel E-string.

NO.DP02B is not included in the set NO.DP100. Find out more about DOMINANT PRO on!