A talk with Richard O'Neill Grammy Award winner and RONDO violist

When Richard O'Neill just found out that he had won a Grammy, the first thing that happened was that he was mistaken for a car mechanic. How that came about? Watch and find out in this very personal interview with the violist of the Takács Quartet.

He also chatted with us about his childhood, passion for music, and how he found his perfect string partner in Thomastik-Infeld RONDO strings for viola. His colleague Edward Dusinberre, 1st violinist in the Takás Quartet, thinks Richard O'Neill and RONDO should never get divorced, by the way.

Congratulations to our much appreciated endorser Richard O'Neill on your Grammy in the category "Best Classical Instrumental Solo"!  We feel honored that our RONDO strings could support you a little bit on the way there. 



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