Art & Sound. From Asia, Africa and Oceania Until September 30, 2022 at the Infeld Cultural Center in Dobrinj, Island of Krk, Croatia.

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Created by laymen and of impressive quality, the works of art in the exhibition "Art & Sound" span several centuries. The objects follow a predefined iconographic pattern and are loaded with symbolism without being primarily a creative expression of the painter. They quench the viewer's thirst for the unknown.

An outstanding example are the Tibetan scroll images of religious content (so-called thangkas). Painted on linen or silk, the thematic arc spans from icons of historical personalities to the pantheon of Tibetan Buddhism to complex religious-philosophical illustrations.

Other accents of the exhibition are ethnic instruments such as the kora, a harp from West Africa, and the damyan, a neck lute from the Himalayan region, created by the musical exchange between East and West. Several ethnic instruments such as the oud, a short-necked lute from the Middle East, as well as the traditional Chinese instruments Pipa and Erhu are equipped with Thomastik-Infeld strings.