Art & Sound. From Asia, Africa and Oceania Until September 30, 2022 at the Infeld Cultural Center in Dobrinj, Island of Krk, Croatia.

Created by laymen and of impressive quality, the works of art in the exhibition "Art & Sound" span several centuries. The objects follow a predefined iconographic pattern and are loaded with symbolism without being primarily a creative expression of the painter. They quench the viewer's thirst for the unknown.

An outstanding example are the Tibetan scroll images of religious content (so-called thangkas). Painted on linen or silk, the thematic arc spans from icons of historical personalities to the pantheon of Tibetan Buddhism to complex religious-philosophical illustrations.

Other accents of the exhibition are ethnic instruments such as the kora, a harp from West Africa, and the damyan, a neck lute from the Himalayan region, created by the musical exchange between East and West. Several ethnic instruments such as the oud, a short-necked lute from the Middle East, as well as the traditional Chinese instruments Pipa and Erhu are equipped with Thomastik-Infeld strings.