Austrian Event Award

Thomastik-Infeld is delighted about the nomination of its Stringtelligence exhibition for the Austrian Event Award 2020 in the category "EXHIBITION EVENTS (B2B, B2C, B2P)". The candidates for the coveted prize were presented at a digital nominee show on March 2. The selected members of this year’s jury presented the nominees in the nine categories and six special prizes. The award show with presentation of the trophy to the winners will take place at the Eventhotel Pyramide & Congress Center **** in Vösendorf on June 30, 2021. 

"Stringtelligence" was realized in 2019/2020 as a public and freely accessible special exhibition at the House of Music in Vienna in collaboration with Messewerkstatt GmbH. The exhibition provided unusual insights into Thomastik-Infeld’s string forge, information about the science behind the strings and about the stories and people behind Thomastik-Infeld, and offered practical tips for musicians and music lovers alike:


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