Boost your performance with Attila Pasztor & David Frühwirth

Did you know it takes only 15 minutes to perfect your sound and elevate your performance to a higher, unexpected level? Get ready for some string secrets! When musicians are not happy with the sound and the level of their performance, they tend to go to solutions they already know: Spending more money on a new instrument, another bow or doubling their practice time.

Cellist and Thomastik-Infeld Product Manager Attila Pasztor shares exclusive string know-how and simple tips and tricks to optimize your play without hurting your wallets. Violinist and Thomastik-Infeld artist David Frühwirth tests seven different E-strings of various diameters and demonstrates, how different playing techniques lead to differences in sound spectra and possibilities. Learn how to get rid of a whistling E-string, to tame the wolf tone and to deal with bad response or the lack of volume, color and focus.

Find out how to balance your instrument ideally to sound the way you always wanted!


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