Meet DOMINANT PRO's D-String DP03

Meet DOMINANT PRO's Expanded Line! In addition to the strings included in the set NO.DP100 we offer three alternative E-strings, as well as one extra A- and one extra D-string. 

For musicians who prefer a larger D-string diameter, the aluminum-wound NO.DP03 offers an alternative to the thinner NO.DP03A. The diameter lies between that of the DOMINANT PRO A- and G-string. The sound characteristics are similar to the silver-wound NO.DP03A; however, the bow noise is coarser, the response more direct, and brilliance and projection capacity are increased. The decision swings somewhat more in favor of NO.DP03 if the feel of a thicker string is preferred.

NO.DP03 is not included in the set NO.DP100. Find out more about DOMINANT PRO on!