Meet DOMINANT PRO's Expanded Line! In addition to the strings included in the set NO.DP100 we offer three alternative E-strings, as well as one extra A- and one extra D-string. The E-string NO.DP01AU generates a very warm, clear sound that simultaneously conveys brilliance. In addition, the string is extremely corrosionresistant. In contrast to NO.DP01, the sound is as clear as a bell and the individual sound colors can be clearly and individually distinguished: green and blue remain green and blue without morphing into a tonal turquoise; yellow and red do not merge to become orange. Combined with its great capacity for projection, this allows it to assert itself very well in orchestras or in chamber music as required. If the system as a whole – instrument, rosin, bow hair and bowing – has a tendency to whistle, NO.DP01AU may not be the ideal choice. In this case we recommend NO.DP01. Important: the assumption that individual bowing alone leads to whistling is incorrect. As always, when using a fine tuner hook, it is crucial to make sure that it is always “deburred” (the sharp edges are filed down), otherwise the string can break more easily at the fine tuner end than normal tin-plated strings.

NO.DP01AU is not included in the set NO.DP100. Find out more about DOMINANT PRO on!