Meet DOMINANT PRO's E-String: DP01PT

Meet DOMINANT PRO's Expanded Line! In addition to the strings included in the set NO.DP100 we offer three alternative E-strings, as well as one extra A- and one extra D-string. 

Of all the E-strings described, NO.DP01PT (Platin) has the greatest projection capacity. It combines the clarity of the gold-plated NO.DP01AU with the response of the tin-plated NO.DP01. Like NO.DP01AU, NO.DP01PT is also extremely corrosionresistant, but has less of a tendency to whistle and offers more brilliance in comparison. Due to its outstanding projection capability and clarity, it can be unsuitable for sensitive ears. As a result of its larger diameter [0.268 mm as opposed to NO.DP01 and NO.DP01AU with 0.265 mm], it offers more resistance to bow pressure and is also better suited to a very low string position. Tip: players must also be careful when using a fine tuner hook with NO.DP01PT, and always ensure that the sharp edges are rounded down.

NO.DP01PT is not included in the set NO.DP100. Find out more about DOMINANT PRO on!