Meet DOMINNAT PRO's Expanded Line! In addition to the strings included in the set NO.DP100 we offer three alternative E-strings, as well as one extra A- and one extra D-string. 

In comparison to the other E-strings, NO.DP01SN (Tin) has a smaller diameter and is therefore ideally suited to instruments with a normal or high string position – high bridge or lowered fingerboard. In comparison to the standard NO.DP01, NO.DP01SN is not underlaid with nickel and is therefore somewhat more susceptible to corrosion. Thanks to a thicker layer of tin, however, it sounds warmer than NO.DP01 and much warmer than NO.DP01AU and NO.DP01PT. NO.DP01SN also has the lowest string tension of all DOMINANT PRO E-strings, which means that almost no strain is exerted on the instruments and they can be greatly opened in terms of sound. This leads to a good bow response and also promotes the instruments‘ radiance. Its low string tension means that it has the lowest resistance to bow pressure of all the DOMINANT PRO E-strings.

NO.DP01SN is not included in the set NO.DP100. Find out more about DOMINANT PRO on!