Thomastik-Infeld presents: DOMINANT PRO

Since 1970 and the launch of our legendary DOMINANT strings, the playing styles and ideas surrounding sound have been expanded. With increased regularity musicians asked for the development of an additional set similar to but expanding upon th epossibilities of the existing DOMINANT strings. Today, Thomastik-Infeld answers this request with the launch of its latest string revolution: DOMINANT PRO! This brand new set (NO.DP100) was not aimed to change the basic character of DOMINANT, but rather to offer an additional, contemporary repertoire of strings. 


DOMINANT PRO's NO.DP100 is a new generation of strings and ideally suited for chamber musicians, soloists, and orchestra musicians alike.

Get the full package on dominantpro.com!

The best place to get to know Thomastik-lnfeld's new strings is dominantpro.com! You'II find a detailed description of the set NO.DP100, each strings specifics, an online rating tool to compare the characteristics of each DOMINANT's and DOMINANT PRO's strings, an updated soundchart, artist statements and a comprehensive information booklet as PDF download! Also, you'll find numerous video productions on dominantpro.com which bring the strings to life. Enjoy!


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