The most important facts about our RONDO® strings

Thomastik-Infeld RONDO® is available for violin, viola and cello. Our latest RONDO® cello string has just been finished: the RONDO® Experience A-string NO.RO41XP.
What is special about it and for whom it is best? Find out here in this news article.
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Why the new cello A-string NO.RO41XP deserves the name Experience

  • fast bow response
  • enables impulsive interpretations
  • ideal for improvisation
  • even more intense playing experience


RONDO® Experience A-string for cello: The 3 main facts at a glance

How does the new Thomastik-Infeld NO.RO41XP sound?

  • a very lively cello A-string with a lot of brightness and richness of overtones
  • less string tension, yet exceptionally powerful
  • very compact sound despite a broad sound beam


How does the RONDO® Experience NO.RO41XP for cello play?

  • reacts even faster than the classic NO.RO41 to playing impulses
  • high modulation ability, as it reacts very sensitively to bow pressure and bow speed
  • keeps contact reliably, even if there is too little bow pressure close to the bridge


For whom & when is the RONDO® Experience A-string for cello suitable?

  • ideal for advanced players and professionals
  • for all those whose instrument itself already has a lot of tonal density
  • when the instrument needs relief


More about the new RONDO® Experience for cello

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