Thomastik-Infeld RONDO® for viola What makes these strings special


Our RONDO® strings, whether for violin, cello or viola, have one thing in common: they are strings for professionals and advanced players. Here's the most important info about our viola strings.


3 important points at a glance

Which strings are included in the RO200 set?

  • NO.RO21 Astring
  • NO.RO22 Dstring
  • NO.RO23 Gstring
  • NO.RO24 Cstring


What is Thomastik-Infeld RONDO® RO200 really good at?

  • Wide dynamic range: from ppp to ff
  • Clear, warm and full sound with pronounced overtones
  • Excellent corrosion resistance and long tonal and mechanical lifespan


How does the set RONDO® for viola RO200 play?

  • Effortlessly playable for chamber and orchestra musicians as well as soloists
  • Prominent projection and modulation capacity
  • Good bow response
  • Broad, warm sound on the lower strings, focus and brilliance on the upper strings


More about our RONDO® viola strings

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