Thank you!

We are always very grateful for and motivated by the support of the Thomasitk-Infeld artist family. But this year it was particularly amazing to see string makers, string marketers and string users come together as one. 107 artists reached out to help us spread the word. They sent handwritten statements on why they are part of Thomastik-Infeld, jumped in front of the camera for us for product reviews, personal interviews and tutorials, went into the recording studio with us to play our Audio logo, narrated some of our stories for you to hear at our exhibition at the House of Music museum, they visited us in Vienna and we went to see them around Europe and the United States. 


We are more than thankful and truly touched! Thanks in particular to Daniel Auner, David Balakrishnan, Rachel Barton Pine, Robert deMaine, Juan Garcia-Herreros, Joshua Gindele, Hilary Hahn, Georg Hamann, Aleskey Igudesman, Adam Javorkai, Hillary Klug, Simone Porter, Ödön Racz, Thomas Riebl, Giora Schmidt, Anton Sorokow, Emmanuel Tjeknavorian, Dominik Wagner and many, many more (in alphabetical order).