Traditional "Kontragitarre" is played in Vienna, Thomastik-Infeld's hometown and is a major part of local "Schrammel Music". The "Kontragitarre Bass" strings emphasize the soft sound of this instrument. These strings are round-wound with silverplated copper wire of highest quality and employ a nylon core.

Set CR127:

      ins mm
CN27 E Plain Nylon .027 0.69
CN31 B Plain Nylon .031 0.80
CN39 G Plain Nylon .039 1.00
CR30 D Silverplated copper round wound .030 0.75
CR35 A Silverplated copper round wound .035 0.90
CR43 E Silverplated copper round wound 0.43 1.10


Set 328 7 Strings
Set 329 9 Strings
Set 328NW 7 Strings "Roland Neuwirth Custom" with marked basses
Set 329NW 9 Strings "Roland Neuwirth Custom" with marked basses

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