How to get a new string concert ready in 10 minutes

Occasionally it can happen that you need to change your strings just before going on stage. But how to get them in tune and stable if you only have 10 minutes? Here’s a trick of the trade for this emergency. Attention ear plugs required:

  • First tune the string about a quaver higher than the original pitch. Using a soft cloth or paper tissue heavily rub the string until its hot – between five to ten times. 
  • Now play the string close to the bridge under high bow pressure. Yes, this sounds awful, but it will do the trick and get you ready for your performance in time.
  • After this melodic excursion tune the string a full tone lower, thus also lower than the original pitch.
  • Now repeat with step one another 4 to five times. Now you’re ready for concert! 

Don’t use this technique on violin E- or viola A-strings, they’re ready to be played right away! 


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