Must I apply rosin every time before I play?

Normally you don’t need to apply rosin every time you practice. Listen to your instrument! There are inherently very clear signals of when rosin is required: too little rosin leads to poorer or more indirect bow response and can also intensify the whistling of the E-string and the wolf tone. On the other hand, too much rosin makes it difficult to move the bow smoothly and seamlessly and results in a scratchy tone. But don’t worry: you’ll quickly find the right balance. When applying rosin, it is important to slowly draw the bow hair over the rosin. Otherwise, the rosin will melt onto the bow hair during this process due to excessive frictional heat. This can lead to individual bow hairs sticking to other bow hairs and intensifying the bow noise in this way. This also happens during playing. Thus, we recommend carefully combing the bow hair using a soft toothbrush approx. once a week, depending on how long you play for.



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