Meet DOMINANT PRO's E-String DP01

The DOMINANT PRO E-string NO.DP01 (included in set DP100) with a core of carbon steel is tin-plated. A protective layer of nickel is placed between the outer coating of tin and the steel core in order to increase the corrosion resistance compared with conventional tin-plated strings. However, the corrosion resistance is lower than that of plain stainless steel strings, NO.129, as well as the stainless steel strings with gold and platinum plating, e.g.: NO.DP01AU, NO.DP01PT.

The string has a very good response, barely whistles, and is well-balanced in its brilliance and warmth. It supports the equilibrium with the A-string and promotes its capacity to carry sound. For musicians who prefer a high resistance to bow pressure, strings have to be extremely resilient. To ensure this, manufacturers often set store by a high string tension, among other things. As a general rule: the greater the diameter of a plain, unwound steel string, the higher the string tension. However, from a diameter of 0.273 mm onward, the string tension is usually so high that the strings can put excessive strain on the instrument, resulting in a loss of sound color. Thanks to a specially developed wire treatment, we have succeeded in creating E-strings like the DOMINANT PRO NO.DP01, which offers a high level of resistance to bow pressure already at 0.265 mm with no loss of color or strain on the instrument. 

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