The Hidden Method by Niccolo Paganini

A blog by Paganini-expert and soloist Mario Hossen


Niccolò Paganini is well-known to anyone who has even thought about picking up a violin. Yet how well do we really know this legendary composer and violin maestro? Paganini frequently insisted that his talent resulted from a secret discovered by him - and we want to lift the lid on his hidden method just a bit! With his brand new science blog "The Hidden Method of Paganini", concert violinist and conductor Prof. Dr. Mario Hossen shares an exclusive insight into Paganini's life and work beyond the usual Paganini clichés. It features intensive source research and practical interpretations, thus providing an exciting insight into Paganini's world. 


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Mario Hossen has been playing Thomastik-Infeld strings with enthusiasm for over 10 years and has recorded the complete oeuvre of Paganini for solo violin, for violin and orchestra and made World Premier Recording of some of the most famous works by Paganini in their original version himself.

The first blogpost by expert Mario Hossen will be published on January 29th, 2021 on, so stay tuned!


Video: Mario Hossen performs Paganini La Campanella
Picture 1: Casanatense library in Rome, Italy. Mario Hossen perform "Le Streghe" from the Paganini original autograph manuscript 
Picture 2: Mario Hossen with Dr. Mariateresa Dellaborra and Dr. Danilo Prefumo, two of the leading italian musicologist of 18th- and 19th-century Italian instrumental music
Picture 3: World Premier Recording CD, first recording of Paganini’s most favorite pieces in original versions with violin tuned a semitone higher (Dynamic Label, Genova, Italy)
Picture 4: Mario Hossen after Paganini performance/ Painting by Sinan (1999) 
Picture 5: Paganini 24 Capricci for Violin Solo edited by Mario Hossen/ Urtext Edition (Doblinger Verlag, Vienna)